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July 27

This was the last full day of Fred’s workshop.  The morning was spent editing the pictures from the day before and talking about the red mud.  Some in the class were able to get a few shots which took advantage of the brief sunshine.  In the afternoon, instead of going out and taking more photographs, Fred ran errands and then relaxed.  Sandy took another yoga class and also relaxed.  That  evening we went to the Friday night workshop dinner with the slideshows of all the students.  First, we had a drink in the Hilton bar with some of Fred’s classmates.  Dinner was an okay buffet.  The slideshows, as usual, were terrific.

July 28

Fred went to the workshop wrapup, which started around 9:30 instead of 8:30.  Only a couple of students went out and took more photos on Friday afternoon and/or Saturday morning.  Eddie Soloway continued his teaching and covered subjects which some of the students requested-how to publish, where to go for good prints, etc.  Then it was a sad parting as the group had closely bonded.  In the afternoon, we went to Eldorado to Matthew and Meri Frauwir’s home for an early dinner.  They were entertaining their granddaughter as well as the other grandparents who live in California.  They had also invited neighbors.  Their home is very spacious with a beautiful piece of pr0perty which they personally landscaped with New Mexico native plants.

July 29

Sunday was the last day of the Spanish Market.  The classic pieces which are mainly religious in nature are clustered around the plaza; however, they did not have much left.  We learned that dealers and serious collectors swoop down on them during the Friday preview and first thing Saturday morning and purchase all of the good pieces.  To us, the most interesting pieces were in the contemporary area; however, we were disapointed in the Spanish Market.  We got home just before the rains came.  Dinner was going to be La Boca, voted one of the best new restaurants in Santa Fe.  No dice; the first availability was at 9:00.  Our fallback was simply to go across the street and have an excellent Italian meal at Il Piatto.  Then onto a fabulous Sonny Rollins concert at the Lensic Theater.  The audience was even more enthusiastic then we have experienced at Orchestra Hall in Detroit.  He received a standing ovation as he walked out on the stage, another one at intermission and again at the end of the concert.   The instruments in his group were somewhat unusual to us: a trombone, an  electric guitar, an electric base, “standard” drums and bongo drums in addition to Sonny’s tenor saxophone.  It was one of the best concerts we have ever been to.

July 30

Back to normal.  Sandy went to a pilates class and Fred took a walk.  We met Eddie Williams, one of Fred’s classmates from the first workshop, and his significant other, Joanie for dinner at San Miguel, which is on Canyon Road.  It was a pleasant dinner with the food being okay.  Then Eddie and Fred went to the Monday night presentation of instructors’ work at Santa Fe Workshops.  Its was an interesting collection.  Sandy showed Joanie our rental home.

July 31

In the morning, Sandy went off to a yoga class at the community center while Fred went with Eddie to Santa Fe college to a tennis clinic at their indoor facility.  The clinic turned out to be better than the one Fred had attended at the Santa Fe Country Club, and it is much closer.  Dinner was leftovers.  Then we were off to see the Paul Taylor Dance Group at the Lensic Theater.  They were excellent-very athletic as well as graceful.  Everything we have seen at the Lensic has been terrific.


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July 25

After breakfast, Sandy walked over to the DeVargas Mall, which is more than two miles away.  There she met Gail Goldey, had lunch and went to the Museum of Indian Arts and Crafts.  For Fred, this was a very long day.  He awoke at 3:15 AM to meet his class at 4;00 AM to drive to Tsankawi which is part of Bandelier National Monument.  Then they walked to the top of the mesa (about 3/4 mile) to photograph the sunriseearly-sunrise.jpg .  They remained there until around 9:00 AM to shoot around the top of the mesa which is very interesting.  There are paths worn in the rocks indian-walkway.jpg from many years of the Indians walking on the them.  In the afternoon, it was more instruction from Eddie Soloway.  Fred came home exhausted with enough time to take a shower, do some photograph editing, eat leftovers, and then return to the school to see presentations by four of the instructors.

July 26

Unfortunately, Fred forgot to turn off the alarm so it went off at 3:15 AM.  Sandy was not very happy.  In the later morning, Sandy went to a yoga class at the Body.  Then in the afternoon, she went to her volunteer job at the Museum of Indian Arts and Crafts and loved it.  There were only two staff people and two volunteers.  Sandy sold a $300 bracelet.  Most of the customers were very knowledeable about the Indian artifacts.  Fred went off to school and the morning program of reviewing the previous day’s photos as well as learning more facets of photographing the natural world.  Then they were off to Abiqui, which is the red rock area where Georgia O’Keefe spent many years painting.  During the trip the heavens opened up and it seemed as if the trip was going to be wasted.  However, when the class arrived at the destination which is about 1 1/4 hours away, the rain stopped.  During the time there, the sun peeked out for only a few minutes.  Instead of walking through red dust, it was thick red mud which stuck to the boots and made them weigh another 5 pounds each.  The rock formations were beautiful especially some of the lichen patterns lichen-on-rock.jpg.  This was a day of experimenting with some techniques Eddie showed the class.  Oops, I have used my quota of photos.  This turned out to be a fun day.  We left around sundown after spending a relatively futile couple of minutes trying to clean off our boots.  Fred traveled back to Santa Fe with Eddie Soloway in his “one on one” which was spent talking about where to go next in photography.  The entire class had dinner together at The Cowgirl-sweet potato fries and a buffalo burger-yummy.  Bedtime was finally around midnight.

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July 22

A sort of typical Sunday morning with Fred going off to Bagelmania to purchase bagels and cream cheese to go with the tomato tart.  This recipe has turned out to be a major winner.  After breakfast, it was off to tour Canyon Road because we did not want Ronnie and Audre to leave Santa Fe without seeing Canyon Road; they were duly impressed.  The afternoon was spent being pampered at Ten Thousand Waves where we all relaxed with massages.  Then it was evening and time for Fred to go off to the introductory dinner for his second photography workshop.  Sandy took Ronnie and Audre to Harry’s Roadhouse where they not only were treated to excellent service to go along with a delicious dinner but they were seated in a lovely back garden instead of the noisy, raucous front room. 

July 23

In the morning Fred went off to his photography workshop-A Natural Eye:  The Summer Landscape, taught by Eddie Soloway.  Sandy took Ronnie and Audre to see the new, growing south end of town and then afterwards to the Georgia O’Keefe Museum.  Late lunch was at the Rooftop Pizzeria for their last look at the Plaza.  Fred had his introduction to Eddie Soloway, who is not only a fantastic nature photographer but a wonderful teacher.  In the after noon, Fred took several of his classmates to the site of the Tesuque Creek hike.  Unfortunately, it was cloudy and drizzly with lots of mud.  That did not prevent him from shooting some good images-Yawning Cactus. running-water.jpg.  Fred was able to get home to bid Ronnie and Audre a “tearful goodbye.”  Then dinner was leftovers.  Then Fred went back to school to see slideshows of the work of four of the instructors.

July 24

On Tuesday Sandy went for an interview for the exalted position of volunteer in the gift shop at the Museum of Indian Arts and Crafts.  They were only too happy to find someone with Sandys vast experience.  In the afternoon, she went on a garden club tour of four gorgeous gardens and four very expensive homes with two of them being absolutely magnificent. For Fred the morning was spent editing the previous day’s images down to 20 so Eddie could select around 6-9 to share with the class.  In addition, he was filling us with lots of “good stuff”.  In the afternoon, it was off the Big Tesuque Creek which is on the top of the mountain near the ski slope.  The subject for us was an aspen forest as well as the creek.  An unexpected “opportunity” was a hailstorm which sent us scurrying for cover and back home aspen-forest.jpg rainy-puddle.jpg hailstorm.jpg.  Dinner was pizza and margaritas at Eddie Soloway’s home.  This was more bonding for the entire workshop group.

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July 20

We decided to take it easy with Ronnie and Audre.  We started by walking downtown to have breakfast at Cafe Pascual, our favorite breakfast restaurant.  As we were walking to Pasquals, we saw that there was a filming in progress.  Someone stated that it was a mayonnaise commercial with Jack Palance.  We looked for Jack, but he was nowhere to be seen.  We had to wait about 25 minutes for breakfast.  Ronnie and Audre agreed that it was delicious.  When we returned to the plaza, they were still filming.  Someone else said that it was an AT&T commercial.  We continued to walk around downtown pointing out what we consider to be the various sights.  On the way home, we stopped for gelato.  While eating outside, Ronnie made friends with Boomer a Swiss Mountain Lab.  Ronnie shared his gelato.  Then it was back home for some R&R which allowed Ronnie to nap.  Dinner was at La Plazuela in La Fonda Hotel.  It was just fair.  However, the highlight of the day was yet to come.  We saw Maria Benitez and her flamenco company.  They were fabulous!  We came home debating how old she is.  Fred went to Google but couldn’t find her age.

July 21

This started out as a typical Saturday in Santa Fe-breakfast at home and then off to the Farmers’ Market.  Sandy said we shouldn’t go because we didn’t need anything.  What has need got to do with it?  We ended up buying more than we normally do after walking around sampling everything including a buffaloburger from the Cowgirl restaurant.  After returning home to put away our purchases, it was off to the Opera House and then the Flea Market.  At the Opera House, one of the managers let us in for a few minutes to observe a rehearsal.  Ronnie and Audre were duly impressed.  Off to the Flea Market where Sandy bought earrings and pine nuts.  Audre purchased souvenirs for her grandchildren.  We spent a couple of hours there.  Then back home to deposit the treasures before setting off for Museum Hill.  We spent a couple of hours in the International Folk Art Museum.  Ronnie, who usually isn’t a big museum fan, really enjoyed it.  While there, the sky opened up again but it stopped raining before we exited the museum.  Then home to make pesto for the tomato and mozzarello tart for breakfast tomorrow.  Now it was time for dinner at Osteria D’Assisssi with Michael and Gail Goldey.  As our table was next to the patio, we had to close the door when it started to pour.  Once again our waiter, Pietro, told us which wine to order.  Dinner was delicious.

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July 17

Today was R&R and catching up with everything.  Late in the morning, Sandy went off for a body shaping aerobics and yoga class at the community center  Fred was absorbed in the library book so he decided not to go to the community center at that time.  Fred gave Sandy a cell phone that he thought was hers; it turned it to be his and she had both cell phones.  Fred is lost without his cell phone glued to his hip.  He decided to take a walk to the community center-about 1 1/2 miles away-to rescue his cell phone.  He continued his walk to the plaza and then a stop at the realtor’s office to arrange for a crib for Gus when Peter and family arrive in August.  Then home and back to the book.  Sandy returned home after making a drug store stop.  The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to the library books.  Dinner was at El Meson with Michael and Gail Goldey.  We had tapas and paella with our wine.  The food was delicious.

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July 14

Up early and off to the Farmers’ Market for breakfast of sweet rolls, or muffins or breakfast burritos.  Among the crowd, we stumbled across Michael Goldey, Fred’s fraternity brother and room-mate who has a house in Santa Fe.  He had just arrived in Santa Fe on the previous day.  While walking around Jacob discovered the garlic lady who had several turkeys in a cage.  Jacob enoyed feeding them greens which were provided by a little girl he befriended.  The garlic lady explained she raised the turkeys from about a day old until 6 months.  She feeds them garlic mash.  Anna was fascinated by an old fiddler.  Unfortunately when we hung around so long that our favorite tomato lady ran out of ripe tomatoes so we had to settle for green tomatoes.  After a stop at the Photo Eye, which is one of the country’s premier photographic book stores, we went to one of Sandy’s favorite consignment stores, Double Take.  Again Anna made out like a bandit.  She ended up with a pair of pink cowgirl boots.  Then off to Cochiti Pueblo which is about 20 miles south of Santa Fe.  They were having a festival honoring one of their patron saints   It was interesting watching the dancing.  Apparently, a number of pueblos sent dancers.  There must have been more than 100 dancers performing each time.  It was very hot and sunny.  There were several ambulances from different pueblos just in case anyone ended up with heat stroke.  We started out to go to Tent Rocks Monument, but the road we chose was not paved and was at least 5 miles long.  We decided to turn around and come home for R & R before going out for dinner.  Dinner was at Tiny’s, a New Mexican restaurant.  The service was excellent and the food was pretty good.

July 15

This day started out like any other Sunday.  Fred went to Bagelmania for bagels, cream cheese, whitefish salad, etc.  After breakfast we all went to the International Folk Art Festival.  We expected to stay about an hour or two.  We actually were there close to five hours.  The folk art came from all over the world, and the quality was excellent-so much so that both Sandy and Lisa not only lusted after many pieces but actually made a few purchases including a birthday present for Chris, Lisa’s husband.  It remains to be seen if he will really love the piece of art he is receiving when we arrive back in the midwest.  In addition to the folk art, there were children dancing dancers.jpg, African drummers drummers.jpg, and even a Japanese “dragon” attempting to eat Jacob jacobdragon.jpg.  Jacob and Anna spent much of the day trying to find something they could afford to buy with the rest of the money that Sandy had given them.  Anna decided that instead of a doll, she wanted to have her hands painted with Henna (Asian Indian)annapainting.jpg.  The Festival also had an international cuisine area.  Jacob chose roased corn on the cob while Anna asked for falafel.  She didn’t like it, so she also asked for the roasted corn corn.jpg.  Jacob actually ate two ears of corn which is unheard of since he has refused corn on the cob in the past.  We finally left the festival and arrived home around 3:00.  Sandy and Lisa went out to explore Canyon Road art galleries while Fred stayed home to babysit.  Dinner was at Jinja, an Asian restaurant, which was quite good.

July 16

Today Lisa finished her packing.  On the way out, we stopped at the Santa Fe photography workshops to show Lisa around.  Then another stop at Jackalope, which is group of stores selling various Southewestern “stuff”-furniture, trinkets, clothing, toys, beads, stones, etc.  Both Jacob and Anna bought some stones-sold for .01 per gram.  Their total purchase came to around .75.  Off to Albuquerque.  We arrived about an hour and a half prior to take off only to find out that the flight  had been delayed at least an hour.  Lisa arrived home finally arouind 1:00 AM eastern time.  We stopped for lunch at Costco and also made a couple of purchases such as water, garbage bages and avocados.  We returned to Santa Fe and stopped by Maria Benitez theater, and we actually found people there and were able to purchase tickets for the Friday night performance for ourselves and our friends Ronnie and Audre from New Jersey.  Next stop was the library to see if the books we reserved were available-they weren’t but we took out two other books instead.  Then home to do laundry and relax.  Dinner was leftovers which were enjoyed in the peace and quiet.

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July 11

Easy day leading up to driving into Albuquerque to pick up Lisa, Jacob and Anna.  Sandy went to a yoga class for a change and Fred took a 2+ mile walk.  Then some last minute grocery shopping preparing for the invasion.  We decided to drive into Albuquerque and have dinner there close to the airport.  We ate BBQ near the airport.  They wont put Famous Dave’s out of business.  Lisa and family arrived on time and were duly impressed on the ride up to Santa Fe.

July 12

After breakfast, it was off to Bandalier Monument.  Jacob and Anna enjoyed climbing the ladders into the caves that the Anasazi had inhabited.  Then back to Santa Fe.  Sandy gave each grandchild $25.00 to spend.  They then wanted to go downtown shopping.  It was amusing to watch them as they decided what was too much money.  They ended up spending $1.05 in a toy store.  They said they were looking for “fun things that don’t cost too much.”  Dinner was at the Cowgirl restaurant, which has really good sweet potato fries. 

July 13

Today was hiking day.  We went up to Tesuque Creek. The walk is first through private property to get to the national park.  According to Jacob and Anna, the highlight was crossing the creek twice.  The first time was traversing a log over the creek.  Anna and Jacob especially enjoyed watching Sandy inch along the log on her butt then lifting over the cut-off branches.  The next crossing required them to walk on narrow branches across the creek using Fred’s walking sticks.  Lunch was pizza at El Vicino.  The afternoon was spent shopping.  First we went to Act II, one of Sandy’s favorite consignment shops.  Anna made out like a bandit as she ended up with a straw sombrero and a purse.  Jacob also received a straw sombrero.  Then it was off to both the Wheelwright and International Art museum shops for them to spend their own money since grandpa treated them at Act II.  Again Jacob and Anna hemmed and hawed about spending; however, they splurged and spent about half their stash.  Dinner was sushi at home for all except Jacob who had a peanut and jelly sandwich.  Then grandma and grandpa went off the the opera to see La Boheme, which they enjoyed especially since it was around a half hour shorter than the last opera and much cooler in the opera house.  Then home and into bed by midnight.

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We are back.

  The hiatus was due to Fred taking his photography work shop, New Mexico:  Its Land and People taught by Miguel Gandert, and being busy from early in the morning until late at night.  It was fantasticThe week started with an introductory dinner on Sunday night at one of the condos (we looked at that one over 10 years ago).  Monday morning Miguel went over the schedule for the week which was that we would come in each morning, edit our photos, pick our best 20, and then he would select his best 5 from those.  The afternoons were spent going to locations to take the pictures.  Miguel emphasized the people over places.  He told us how to approach people such as these Three Old Men (this is a link to their photo) to take their pictures.  If we established rapport with the subject, he/she would trust us and allow us to get very close.  This next photo was one of the three men who grudgingly assented rather gruffly to having his picture taken. Old Man Smoking In Las Vegas, NM Miguel said to use the wide angle and not the telephoto lens.  Our field trips were to locations such as Chimayo, Las Vegas (NM), Tecolote, an old mill, several old churches, and then places of our own choosing.  (I am having a terrible time trying to figure out to upload pictures which are small enough to view without having to scroll over or up or down-just figured it out-see Three Old Men).  The other students in the class were incredible, some of whom are semi-professional.  The last couple of days, we were able to go wherever we wamted.  Even in Santa Fe, there are interesting people such as the troubador-santa-fe-plaza.jpg.  On Monday and Wednesday evenings, the instructors showed slides of their work, which was also fantastic.  There’s a lot of talent out there.

In case you think, I only shot people, here are a couple of places photos such as Bandalier bandalier.jpg, a church in Tecolote where the sky kept changing stormy-sky-over-church.jpg, a sunset near the Opera sunset-over-opera.jpg, or just a flowerflower-at-opera.jpg .  Anyone interested can contact us and be inundated with photos-we only show the good onesl.

Oh, what about Sandy?  She did yoga, volunteered for Elderhostel for which she was able to listen to lectures about the current operas here, the local history, and took a trip to Pecos National Monument where she saw magnificent views (unfortunately the family photographer was already occupied).  Meals were mostly at home; however, on Thursday, Fred went out with his classmates to a Mexican restaurant and drank tequila.  On Friday night, Santa Fe Workshops had a dinner which included Sandy, and they showed slideshows of the students’ work.  It was truly incredible.

July 7

Fred spent the morning saying good bye to his class mates.  The assistant instructor, who is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, showed his portfolio.  It was amazing-great talent.  One of the class, who is a student at Notre Dame, showed some work he has done in Houston, his hometown-terrific.  The afternoon was R & R.  Dinner was at Bistro 315, pretty good but not great.  Then it was off to the Lensic Theater to see The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet.  They were athletic, graceful and performed 4 different works-fabulous.

July 8

The morning started out like Michigan-run to the bagel store, breakfast of bagels, cream  cheese, fish salad, and fruit.  Then we took a hike on the Dorothy Stewart Trail, about 3.5 miles.  We started out walking through a beautiful neighborhood and then went through the woods.  There were beautiful vistas looking out at the Jemez mountains.  Sandy thought she found another house until she decided that the view was not perfect.  Then home for a little R&R before we started to prepare dinner for Ed, one of Fred’s photography workshop  classmates.  Dinner was grilled salmon, a tomato, mozzarella, and pesto tart, and cauliflower salad, and, of course wine.  The dinner was very pleasant as well as being delicious.

July 9

Today was  back to exercise.  Sandy took a yoga class while Fred did his workout.  The rest of the day was R&R with a walk down to the plaza.  We looked for one of Fred’s photographic subjects (Petra petra.jpga classical guitarist) to give her a CD of her pictures.  We learned then than one of Fred’s other photo subjects was actuallhy Petra’s husbandpetra-husband.jpg.  Dinner was leftovers-really good.  After dinner Fred went back to Santa Fe Workshops with Ed to observe the work of three of this week’s instructors.  Two were absolutely fabulous.  Fred is now talking about not only coming back to Santa Fe next summer to take some of these workshops but also for two weeks the last week of October and first week of November to take classes in Photoshop.

July 10

Things are getting pretty much back to normal.  Fred had a haircut in a salon which is decorated as the Wild West.  The stylist,  Paige, was actually one of Fred’s photo subjectswest-salon.jpg.  Note John Wayne casting a critical eye on the proceedings to be sure that Paige did not cut too much off.  Paige thought that Fred’s growing a pony tail is a bad idea.  Sandy spent the morning weeding in the back garden-she was too tired to go to the afternoon yoga class.  After returning from the supermarket, we were surprised to find several packages in the front.  Previously, Sandy had mentioned that she would like to buy an inexpensive door to make a table out of it for the back yard.  The owners bought a table online and had it sent.  Fred spent the afternoon muttering and cursing while he assembled the table and four chairs, but finally it was done.  Dinner was a salad.  Afterwards, Fred worked on this blog while Sandy watched Painted Veil.  We are planning for the arrival of Lisa, Jacob and Anna tomorrow.

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June 27

Today was supposed to be pretty uneventful; however, that was not to be.  First thing in the morning, we got a message from the trainer that he had injured his knee and couldn’t meet with us.  We were already up for the 8:00 session, so we decided to take a new hike.  We took the Tesuque Creek trail which is beautiful.  If starts out along a road with rather nice and expensive homes and then goes into the state park, all the time following Tesuque Creek.  We then came to a log to cross the stream.  The log was about 3-4 feet above the creek.  The choice was to either walk across it balancing yourself or straddle it on your butt.  Oh, what a  mistake not to have our camera to catch Sandy straddling the log, especially when she came to the places where she had to lift her butt over small stubs where the branches had been sawed off.  This is a walk that our grandchildren might be able to take.  Then back home where Sandy did some gardening while Fred napped.  The evening schedule was a picnic dinner sitting out on the soccer field and listening to jazz at St. Johns College, which is about 5 minutes away.  Off we went, and then trouble.  The car felt sluggish.  Pull off the road into a parking lot, and what do you know?  We had a flat on one of the new tires in the same front right position.  We called Acura roadside assistance, and they said it would be an hour.  We then remembered we have an air compressor which runs off the car battery.  We tried it, and the tire held air.  We cancelled the roadside assistance and drove home figuring to drive to Discount Tire the next day.

June 28

The tire is flat again.  Pump it up and then off to Discount Tire.  Nothing is ever easy.  They didn’t have the tire in stock but could get it tomorrow afternoon.  They advised putting on the doughnut and not driving on the damaged tire.  However, they were busy and said it would take between and 1 and 1 1/2 hours.  We decided to do some exporation.  We found Tiny’s restaurant which had been recommended by a local couple we met coming out of another restaurant.  We stumbed across a salon/barber shop done up in western motif;  a textile shop; a wall climbing school/camp good for our grandchildren; a white water rafting company which has a trip that Jacob and Anna will love; a liquor/wine shop with a good selection; and the Ann Lawrence Gallery which had beautiful antiques, pillows, gifts from all over the world (Phyllis Scwartz had already told Sandy about this gallery).  After reclaiming our car, it was back to Albertsons to repenish our food stock.  A little R & R in the afternoon followed by preparing a dinner of grilled salmon with pineapple salsa (left over from  the salsa class) and mesa squash fry with sunflower seeds (recipe from Santa Fe school of cooking).  The recipe calls for 1 New Mexico or Anaheim chile.  In previous attempts at this recipe, we felt it was too mild; therefore, we used 2 jalapenos-much too hot.

June 29

Slow day today due to waiting to hear whether we were going to get the new tire.  Sandy went to a yoga class in the morning while Fred just hung out.  Sandy staggered out of the yoga class stating that there wasn’t anyone withing 30 years of her.  The twenty something instructor asked her if she had scoliosis.  Sandy said no that she was just older and not as limber as the rest of the class.  The tire finally arrived and we had about an hour wait.  During that time, we walked over to Wild Oats and decided that Whole Foods is a nicer store.  We tried to contact Maria Benitez to get tickets.  It appears that whenever we call, the box office is closed.  Dinner was scallops with brussel sprouts-pretty good.

June 30

Today is a day to make up for yesterday’s relative inactivity.  Fred went off to a tennis clinic at the Santa Fe Country Club while Sandy went shopping for the materials to make a fancy earring holder and display piece.  Tennis was good, and it appeared that the ball moved faster in the thin air.  The assistant instructor is from Michigan and is going to State in the fall.  Then it was gelato  and rest time before dinner and the opera.  Dinner was at Osteria d’Assissi under the able guidance of the waiter, Pietro.  When we chose the wine, he recommended another one (a couple of bucks cheaper), and it was quite good.  It seemed that everyone who was in Pietro’s area was a friend and had stayed at his villa in Como.  We struck up a conversation with a couple at the next table. They are from Boston; he is a builder; and they are relatively newly married.  They gave us more restaurants to try.  Dinner was excellent.  Off to the opera.  On the way, there was a spectacular rainbow over the Sangre de Christo mountains.  It was very interesting watching the people there in varied dress from informal to “fatust”.  When we got to our seats, we enjoyed watching the sunset.  The opera was “Cosi fan tutti.”  It turned out to be very long.  Including the intermission, it ran over 3 hours.  The performans seemed to we opera nonofficianados as being terrific-the applauses were just like being in Orchestra Hall in Detroit.  In addition to the length of the performance, unfortunately it was very warm-around 80 with almost no breeze.  We got home around 1:00 AM and tumbled into bed exhausted.

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June 26

Today was a day for exploration, particularly related to grandchildren.  First, we went up to Bishops’ Lodge.  It is in a very beautiful location.  There we found a very helpful hostess who sort of directed us to the municipal outdoor pool.  Next stop was the library to return a book and find out where one of the other branches  is located since that branch has children’s programs at the time that Jacob and Anna will be here.  He was also very helpful in giving us exact directions to go to the pool as well and library branch.  On the way to the pool, we decided to go to the Lodge at Santa Fe to purchase tickets for the Maria Benitez Flamenco Dance Group.  No one was there, but the person at the hotel desk said come back after 4:00.  Then off to the discount mall.  It was almost empty; however, Sandy did find a pair of shoes as well as a vegetable peeler to replace the dull one at the house.  Lunch time!.  We decided to find the New York Deli which we had seen from the road.  We had bagels which they purchase from Baglemania, which is much closer to us.  It was now 4:00 so back to Maria Benitez-same result-no one home.   Sandy decided to see The Waitress, which she did not particularly care for, while Fred went to the driving range.  While there, he found they also have tennis clinics.  Dinner was tapas at El Farol.   We ate on the patio in the back which was quite lovely and far enough from the loud music.  Some were quite good while others were just average.  However, the piece de resistance was the flourless chocolate cake made with espresso coffe.  It was fantastic!

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